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Spit Wad Lab with Basketball[edit]

Lab Setup and Instructions

This lab can be done with a basketball, tennis ball, or other type of ball, meterstick, spit wads, and a marked floor every foot. Then, the class is broken up in groups of a few people, and each group was designated with different tasks. Some of these tasks were measuring time, distance, throwing spit wads, and tapping the basketball.

Lab Demonstration and Explanation.

The lab is about measuring uniform acceleration of a basketball. On the floor, every five tiles down, was marked to show distance. Then, a basketball was tapped down the hallway with a meter stick at a constant pace for accuracy. The rolling of the basketball was timed throughout the lab. Students with spit wads stood at designated distances, and threw them at the basketball at specified time intervals. The spit wads were thrown, and the most accurate fit was measured after each second. When the ball reached the end of its course, the results were measured and recorded to show the distance, traveled, and the time it took to get that far. When they had found the distance and the time, they could find the average acceleration of the ball, and the velocity.

interval t (sec) v(ft/s) ft in
0 0
'0-1 0.5 2 1
'1-2 1.5 6 10
'2-3 2.5 9 6
'3-4 3.5 8 6
'4-5 4.5 14 7
'5-6 5.5 10 5